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Educational consultants, specialized in gap year o sabbatical time

Educational consultants, specialized in gap year o sabbatical time

****WYSE WORK ABROAD Member. The only international organization that regulates these experiences

Educational consultants, specialized in gap year o sabbatical time

Sabática mission is to offer experiences abroad designed to provide personal development and also approach and respect between cultures

What you can find in Sabática?

Sabática offers work and internship programs, volunteering abroad for your gap year or sabbatical time. Many options for wanderlust.
Unique life changing experiences.
Experiences that will allow you to experience and discover new things, and even you as a person.

How we do it?

We will design different programs and will work with you to find the right one depending on your wishes, time and resources

All Sabatica's programs are designed to make you discover new places and cultures, to make you learn by doing and to help you be out of your comfort zone with warranties

You have no idea all the things you can learn in a gap year

Who can come to Sabatica?

We help people from  18 to 70 years old
We are eager to help you live your Sabatica experience

Why Sabatica?

All our team has firsthand experience and knows what you will need to organize and guide you trough the whole experience

Sabática only works with verified NGOs and accredited and recognized international partners

Award to the best entrepreneur woman 2009 by Diputació de Barcelona.

Award for our social responsibility policy  Mataró City hall and Diputación de Barcelona

We also cooperate directly with some Ngos like C.E.O Maresme  to help young people with special needs to get into the labor market.



Why Sabatica?
Committment, Experience, Ethics, Fun and Security on your Gap Year

    • OUR EXPERIENCE. We have an excellent team of experts in travel, education programs and working holidays. They have all taken part in student exchange programs, working holidays or volunteer work abroad, so you'll get first-class advice and first-hand information about the adventure you're embarking on.
    • CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS. Sabatica will tailor your program according to your wishes, resources and available time. We personally help you find the program most appropriate to you.
    • ETHICAL COMMITMENT. Sabatica follows an international code of ethics created by WISE WORK ABROAD This code governs  the activities of most worldwide organizers of international education and work programs.
    • BEST PROGRAMS. Sabatica is always in  search of the best programs and destinations. Sabatica wants to offer you the highest quality experience abroad possible. We want to help you relax and enjoy your discovery of other cultures to the utmost.
    • COLLABORATION WITH THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS NGOs. Sabatica makes sure that all the local NGOs  that we work with are duly accredited, secure, and have projects you can enjoy.
    • INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES NETWORK. All Sabatica's collaborators belong to internationally acknowledged education associations like WYSE WORK ABROAD or WYSE Confederation
    • FUN we have fun working at Sabatica, and we want you to enjoy and have fun in each program and destination
    • SECURITY and COORDINATOR ON SITE IN EVERY PROJECT.  We work with local coordinators in all destinations  24/7. You will go where we would go or send our sons/daughters
    • GUARANTEED MONITORING OF YOUR STAY.  Sabatica will closely follow your experience from beginning to end with coordinators on site  24/7
    • WE ONLY AIM AT EXCELLENCE AND SATISFACTION: The success of Sabatica is your satisfaction.

Committment, Experience, Ethics, Fun and Security on your Gap Year

Many reasons to chose Sabatica for your gap year

Meet Sabatica Team
Meritxell Morera Sabatica's Founder and director & Sabatica team

Meritxell Morera Sabatica's Founder and director & Sabatica team

We have all gone trough a gap year

Meritxell Morera Sabatica's Founder and director & Sabatica team

Meritxell Morera - Founder & Director of Sabática

"Everything started with a personal experience back in 1985, a  gap year that changed my life" From that personal experience after living in USA for  2 years and another  3 in Denmark my main work is to put all the opportunities abroad to youth and young at heart.  I do believe this changing experiences should be mandatory.

She defines herself as a world`s citizen. She has transformed her passion for travel to a personal project: Sabatica

Meritxell as lived in USA, Paris and Copenhagen. She is adventurous and has visited more than  33 countries.

Meritxell studied  Tourism, business administration and Human Resources

Meritxell has been the association manager of the biggest  international youth non-profit association:   WYSE WORK ABROAD.

Besides her experience in multicultural and international companies, Meritxell has also been a teacher and internship coordinator.

Roland Planas   

"I discovered Sabática as an intern and sine then I stayed here, enjoying every day my job. Its so fun and great full to help other people to have this gap year or gap time, I love my job and I will be here to help you.

I enjoy simple things, I am vegetarian, adventurer and a traveler. If I am not working in Sabatica, I am traveling the world"

Roland studied music, travel agency manager and events  planning. After an internship, we enjoyed so much having him in the team that we asked him to stay full time. And he is here every day with a big smile.

Nadia Luchin 

I decided to do my internship in Sabatica for its wide range of possibilities to help people discover the world, live great adventures, train professionally and above all, help the less favored people with volunteering.

After a few months,  I discovered that I love this job not only to help people,  but also because of the great atmosphere we have in the company. I love to know new cultures, to travel, to learn new things. I am an athlete and a great passionate of ancient history.

Nadia is graduated  as a tourist guide and also holds a diploma in tourism & accommodation  Management.


Maribel Morencia  

"I have learned that the best travels are those  where you can do an inner trip to yourself, those that enables you to mix with local people, discover yourself and about other cultures"I don't want to be a tourist I want to live like they live, experience things like a local.  I will encourage everyone to risk and live lots of lives and programs

Maribel has been the north Spain Sabatica coordinator, after a trip top Africa she decided to start her own project: Doctor Luisito, an organic ethical cooperative that works with coffee growers of Africa.

She is now in Santander managing Doctor Luisito and as we missed her, she cooperates with Sabatica.

There are other people also working behind the scenes. They aren't are visible as we are but they do a tremendous job in Sabatica. Ana and Sergi take care of the website, Raul and Sion work with accounting and legal department and Andreu in Human resources.

Sabática never works with 3rd parties nor with travel agencies.

Our mission is to make your gap year or sabbatical time the best experience of your life