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Some ideas for your Gap year or internship abroad
Plan your time by months, weeks, not by years

Plan your time by months, weeks, not by years

A gap year or internship aborad is possible. The key is planning

Plan your time by months, weeks, not by years

  • Are you planning your Gap year or sabbatical time and don't know where to start ?
    Sabatica will be very happy to help you during the whole process.
    During all these years Sabatica has organized more than 5.000 Gap years or sabbatical time.
    If you would like to have a Gap year or sabbatical time do not keep it s a dream, is feasible.
    The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself the following questions:

    •    When?
    •    How long?
    •    Where would you like to go?
    •    What would you like to do?
    •    How much money do I have or need?

    Write down all the answers, knowing this is just a planning and it will help you clear your mind
    "When?" is the "easiest"

    Think of an objective that is achievable and leave yourself enough time to be able to plan everything, and we will tie all the loose ends together.
    A gap year should never be a run away from anything. You have to prepare everything and solve any serious problem before traveling to be able to fully enjoy this time. Without stress and without worries about what you leave behind. And if you leave things too close, you must delay your departure a few weeks or a few months. Flexibility is important.

    Share your purpose with your family and friends. Verbalizing your sabbatical year intentions helps you to visualize and go towards the goal.

    How long ?  In other words,  How much time you have?
    The gap year is a concept. It is not mandatory to have an entire year. We usually plan our lives in years: a school year, a goal for next year, New year's resolutions, a year off, "this year is the year", etc. If we do it unconsciously it does not seem that much, but planning seriously for whole years sometimes makes us dizzy. If so, plan for months.
    Why do not you plan for a few months?  few weeks? Think of a period that is comfortable for you.
    You do not necessarily have to be a year away. Maybe if you go off 6 months the company does not keep your job, but if you leave the month of vacations plus an extra month without pay the company easily agrees.

    From the outset, try your options, How long do you think you have? So we can also give you options depending on the sabbatical time you have.

    Where do you want to go?  is important that you think about the places where you would like to go, maybe it is a place you've always wanted to go to, a friend has told you something, it's a dream you've had all your life, because watching a movie you've been inspired, etc. Destination it is important but it is better if you have a wish list of many countries on it. Then, depending on what you would like to do, we will see what destination offers you these options.

    What would you like to do? A gap year is an opportunity to make a break with your work, your studies, a situation that doesn't make you happy, or does not allow you to grow personally or professionally. You are stuck, and you need a change and dome distance. Think and write down all the things you would like to do, as well as the ones you don't want to do.

    A gap year allows you to do new things, explore other sectors, discover hidden skills you have. You can think of things that you would like to do, and we help you find options. Learn languages, have your first "job", travel, meet people, become ac volunteer, decide what to study in the future, prepare some exams, write a book, rest from work that is burning you out, study something else, get out of a routine that kills you, and a long etc. Go ahead and make a list. Who sets the limits?

    Life should be planned flexible. In  3 months many things can happen. Do not stress out. Plan in small periods of time. Nothings is forever. It is important to learn to adapt to every situation.

    A  gap year sitting on the sofa doesn't make any sense. You have to do an activity something that helps you do a change and also you can defend later on a job interview. Do not leave a gap in your CV. Fill it ! Make something enriching

    Little by little, we are getting there, aren't we?

    Last question...

    What do you need to make it happen?

    Make  list of all the things you need to solve or close before you go. Do you need to rent your flat?, or pass an exam, (housing, work, family, partner, etc.) Write down anything that is sitting in your head that bothers you and little by little you will be solving each item. Sometimes is better to wait a couple of months and tie things that leave loose ends that ruin your gap year

    Also, make a list of your fears.What is that you are afraid of... What really worries everyone seems to be. How am I going to be able to afford it?  Well, it i snot just how much do you have in your account, but also what else you can do to save more or earn extra money

    It is great to do small gestures that help you save some money, it also helps you to reach the goal.

     Look for options that cover your accommodation or where you can get some pocket money. Who said mum and dad have to pay for everything?

    Finance is part of the path but not the destination.  


Talk to your family and friends. Let them know you are planning a gap year or an internship abroad and that you will grow personally with it. From now on, everyone can contribute to it in many ways.

Ask for contributions to your family and friends, contacts of your school, neighborhood, work, etc. You can explain the volunteer or internship program that you are going to do. Not only the country you go to but also the work you will do and how you will help, why is important for you what can you learn from it.

Earning money. Things do not happen with any effort. You know that

  • Sell ​​the things you do not use, there are second-hand stores and Apps that allow you to earn some money and also clean things that you no longer need.
  • Work during the summer or on weekends to get some money. All Sabatica team have done it.
  • Or look for part-time job or work few hours on weekend to save as babysitter, waiter, private classes, lifeguard, etc.
  • Look for a paid program or if you are European combine the program with some work.  It's not about working on that for the rest of your life, just doing something different that allows you income and enjoy your Sabbatical year. For example: become an Au pair, or look for programs that include accommodation
  • Look for visa options such as the working holiday visa, which allow you to work in the destination country and give you money to travel


    You can get money in other more creative ways, for example:

  • Prepare a party or dinner for your friends, do an original thing, see that you take care of them, explain your goal and that you will collect money by cooking for them. Let each one pay a bit for dinner and I'm sure you will get your friends to cheer up and maybe someone will stretch a little more.
  • Or make that same dinner to raise money to do a volunteer, a humanitarian cause, and that cause begins with you.
  • Take some beautiful photos of your city, environment, nature and prepare some postcards to sell among your acquaintances. The same can be done on your return from the gap year and to prepare the next adventure.
  • In the United States, the practice of selling cookies or plants among family and friends to raise funds is well-known. There are many types of sponsorship, those are some ideas. There are people who take parts in a marathon  and ask for donations for a cause.
  • Ask for sponsorship friends and family, including financial institutions, collectives, etc. You can also make a donation to the project on your behalf (in the form of purchase of material they may need, talk to the project coordinator beforehand).
  • Collect all gifts, birthday, Christmas, etc. Ask to be made in cash, that you are making a piggy bank for your sabbatical year.
  • Do crafts and sell them, at fairs, on special occasions, you can get a good peak (bookmarks, postcards, necklaces, etc).
  • You can prepare an exhibition.  Make photos or reports and show it on your return with a good presentation.



  • How to ask for a Gap year or permission from word (FINAL)

        Request a few extra weeks of leave even if they are unpaid. The company will let you do it if you are capable or telling them the benefits out from it.
  •  How that program can help you in your professional career in the company
  • It will increase your creativity and you will become very motivated
  • Acquire experience in your sector or in a new position
  • Your loyalty to the company will be reinforced
  • All the new things you are going to learn
  • You learn languages ​​and from different cultures
  • The type of program that you are going to carry out   


A YEAR OUT FROM WORK  - an option to take a  GAP YEAR

Can you ask your company for time off ? Or unpaid leave?
Talk to Human Resources manager to find out
In some countries teachers or civil workers can ask for an unpaid time off knowing they can return to their jobs after that time.
Also, others required that this time off is used to improve languages or professional skills. You can also explain how great an internship and some training in a different country can contribute to the company and your work afterwards.
Don't be shy, ask your Human resources department as there might be options you were not aware of.

Talk to your company, you still discover special permits and more if it is for training and learning new skills.

Links to help prepare your year or internship abroad
Some must have links and ideas


¿Do you have your passport or European ID ready?

Make sure yours is valid at list  6 extra months of the length of your stay

Do you need a visa? Plan that part in advance

Some links to find consulates and Embassy around the world




In some countries you will need to prove your level of the foreign language you speak if you are not native. Some visas will require that certificate
SPANISH https://www.dele.org/

ENGLISH The most common exams for English are IELTS or TOEFL in USA or Cambridge around Europe.



It is really important to get a proper health insurance before any travel abroad. A simple thing can become a big problem with a medical insurance. If you are planning a long-term internship or volunteering is advisable to get a medical check before your trip.

If you are going to an European country ask for the European health card. Knowing that some countries might have different inclusions than yours, the safest is to get a medical and travel insurance to avoid any problem while you are away.

Sabática can help you with your medical insurance.

• Do you want to learn more about tips and traveling abroad? Read some guides and talk to previous travelers.

Practical information for Spain

• ¿Need a shoot? It is important to contact the international medicine center of your country.

What about the weather? It is important to learn more before traveling and also to pack properly

The weather channel in English & Spanish for all over the world

Do you need to exchange Currency?
Use an online Money exchange tool to help you

Do you have an interview in a different country ? Careful with the different time zones. Want to call home but not in the middle of the night ? Get here the right time zone difference



An easy option is to search for a home stay where you can stay few days or weeks.

Hosteling international

Nomadsworld.com Works very well in Australia

¿Need to find a flat? Craig LIST, do not pay anything before seeing it and meeting personally the owner. It helps get a list and make appointments with the flats or rooms you like.


1/ Confirm your flight and departure time with the airline or checking at the airport website before going there.

2/ leave your parents a list of places you will go and contact information of each one
3/Get a skype account and show your parents use it. It will be very helpful anywhere you go and you won’t get an outrageous phone bill. Free skype account.

4/ Make sure you have roaming with your telephone company or bring with you a phone so you can get a local sim card.
5/ Prepare a credit card and also some pocket money to pay some cost upon arrival
6/ Make sure you have all contact details of embassy or consulate of your country in the destination you are traveling to

Some must have links and ideas

Plan your internship and gap year abroad: Visas, Vaccinations, Medical insurance, Money

Some must have links and ideas

Scholarships for gap year or internship aborad
Scholsarhips and grants to your gap or internship abroad

Scholsarhips and grants to your gap or internship abroad

Some links to help you in your time abroad

Scholsarhips and grants to your gap or internship abroad

We have prepared some selection of scholarships to help you in your time abroad

the only problem is that some people depend on the scholarship to do or not that volunteer or internship abroad  is a big mistake. There are many ways to finance your program Do not sit on the couch waiting for something to happen.

European Youth card- Ask for your discount


International PROGRAMS

ERASMUS  - Everything you need to know to get an Erasmus


ERASMUS MUNDUS - http://ec.europa.eu/education/external-relation-programmes/doc72_en.htm

FULLBRIGHT Scholsarship

DAAD – German SERVICE FOR A YEAR ABROAD - http://www.daad.es/

Also there are some foundations that offer scholarships. Search and ask around in your country