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Sectors of Internship

Internship in Spain: the perfect and quickest way to gain experience in your field and enter the labor market with success.

We can search from a wide range of company and tasks to be developed.
 Any of these international practice programs will give you the opportunity to get started in the workplace, get real-life acquaintances. Besides learning about different ways of doing things you will gain also experience, confidence, you will become much more decisive and you will also get to master a foreign language.

Paid internship are usually in specific sectors such as hospitality, agriculture or as an English teacher.

A non paid internship, we have better control on your training plan. We can search for the company that better match your needs. We will define tasks to perform where you can learn.

Internships abroad are designed to help you gain experience with an international twist. It is like doing an international Master and although they are not paid practices you will learn a lot. It is the door to your professional career. In many European countries the practices are mandatory to graduate and can be the bridge to a stable job, in that same company or in others in the sector.

Internships abroad are an investment for your future.


Sabática will look for companies for you "a la carte".  All companies are duly selected to offer you an ideal environment for learning, where they will spend time teaching, explaining you and end up defending yourself in that position.
Tell us what type of company and tasks you wish to work on

If they are Non-paid  internships . 
Contrary to what is thought, when not paid, for the company it is a cost to have students in practice, those companies are devoting time and staff to teach you.

The areas where you can do professional practices are very broad: marketing & sales,  finance, IT, administration and business management, architecture, design, art and culture, law, social work, events, international relations, etc.

 Sabática offers you these options:

Internships in Spain
Internships in the USA

Internships in China

On occasions, we can get companies to pay "pocket money" or help for transportation, meals, but it is not mandatory, etc. You should have enough money to cover your living expenses.

Check the internship program abroad, and Internship in Spain.